Calling All Wolf Lovers!

It all started in 1993 in Lake George, Colorado when Darlene Konobel (founder) rescued a beatiful wolf dog by the name of Chinook from a local animal shelter. Chinook inspired the creation of Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center located now in Divide. Darlene states, "I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would rescue wolves since I had a great fear of them. Now our Center has become a top rated sanctuary and we also are a proud association of Zoos and Aquariums memeber." CWWC offers 1 hour wolf tours where you will walk with a guide to see wolves, coyotes, and foxes and learn about wolf conversation, basic biology and observe these animals in beautiful large and natural enclosures with pine, aspen and rock outcroppings. At the end of the tour, everyone can participate in a group "wolf howl" where you will be surrounded by 18 wolves and coyotes and almost every time you will be greeted back with the most beautiful reply especially on our fall and winter tours.

   We offer photo opportunities, full moon night walks, and we have many choices of tours to choose from including our standard feeding tours and our interactive or up close and personal tours.

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17 Jan 2016

By James Jackman