Colorado Springs

There are many choices around Colorado, but nothing like Colorado Springs - the true jewel of the Rockies. This southern Colorado city is the state’s second largest and home to the U.S. Olympic Committee, Olympic Training Center, U.S. Air Force Academy and ProRodeo Hall of Fame. It’s the perfect location for exceptional performance, creating a higher ground to refresh, discover and make lasting memories. The inspiring views of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain, seen from almost anywhere in town, and 6,035-foot elevation might also have something to do with it.
Recreation is as easily found as the annual days of sunshine. Horseback riding in Garden of the Gods Park, ascending the 224 steps to the top of Seven Falls or hiking the paths of Mueller State Park or Barr Trail are all opportunities to connect with the grand beauty of the region. Finding new things to enjoy is a cakewalk with over 55 attractions and activities. Whether it’s dangling above William’s Canyon on the Wind Walker Challenge Course or soaring like an eagle over the Royal Gorge, excitement is around every turn.
Your dollar will definitely go further here when taking advantage of the area’s 29 free things to do and special fuel-friendly discounts on lodging, dining and activities. Start planning an epic adventure by ordering your free Official Visitor Guide at

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10 Jan 2018

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer