Where Do Dinosaurs Come From?

Where do dinosaurs come from? They come from here! One of the most interesting and interactive destinations you will find in the American West is the Dinosaur Resource Center located in beautiful Woodland Park, Colorado. Where do dinosaurs come from? They come from here! With more than 40 skeletons to see, DRC is packed with aweinspiring displays of life from millions of years ago. You’ll find a working paleo-laboratory, with fossil preparation, restoration, assembly of skeletons and molding and casting projects underway on an ongoing basis. The skeletons prepared at DRC can be found at many of the most prestigious museums of the world, as they have provided skeletons to nearly 150 facilities across the globe. You can join tours with the Visitor Experience Guides or wander among the displays on your own. Either way, the guides can answer your questions and make your visit a truly enjoyable experience. The expansive gift shop, Prehistoric Paradise has an amazing variety of dinosaur-related merchandise too. For the latest on upcoming events, visit www.rmdrc.com.

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10 Jan 2018

By James Jackman