Dinosaur Resource Center

One of the most unusual, and unexpected Woodland Park surprises is the Dinosaur Resource Center.  Not a small town tourist trap, the Dinosaur Resource Center is in reality one of the most active paleontology labs in the world!


It was established in 2004 by Triebold Paleontology, Inc., (TPI) as a new home not only for their fossil laboratories but also as a place to show to the world what real paleontology is like.  You won’t find a sterile lab with white-coated volunteers picking away at fossils.  This is a production facility where we bring in our discoveries from our 35 private ranches upon which we explore for fossils in the Dakotas, Montana and Kansas.  Here, the fossils are prepared and mounted for public display and/or study, depending upon the needs of the institution acquiring it.  The best specimens are also molded and cast, so that copies of the most spectacular skeletons can be shared with many different museums.  Those casts, or exact replicas, are also manufactured here in Woodland Park. 


Have you ever wondered how dinosaur skeletons got to be on display in a museum?  One of the most prevalent ways is by museums acquiring them from us!  We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of fossil skeletons and casts, and have provided skeletons to nearly 200 institutions around the globe, including some of the most prestigious institutions on the planet.  Our customer list includes the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC., American Museum of Natural History in New York, Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, National Science Museum in Tokyo and many, many others.


Dinosaur Resource Center visitors not only get to see fossils being prepared and assembled through the viewing windows into the lab, but our displays themselves are ever-changing.  Our exhibits are modified and added-to several times each year.  If you visit us only once a year, chances are you will see many different specimens on each visit.


Our displays feature usually about 20 different dinosaurs at any given moment, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Daspletosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Anzu, Thescelosaurus, ceratopsians and more.  Our exhibits also include a wide variety of pterosaurs (flying reptiles), and the most comprehensive exhibits on late-Cretaceous marine animals you will ever see.   A big surprise awaits most visitors when they enter the marine hall.  Our parent company, TPI, is the only company in the world which prepares marine fossil fish fully out of the rock, molds the bones, then reassembles the casts in three-dimensions as in life.  Impressive as a panel or wall-mounted skeleton in rock, giant fish like Xiphactinus practically come to life when you can walk all the way around it and look into its mouth lined with 3 inch teeth!  Giant sea lizards known as mosasaurs were the top predators of their day and several different species grace the exhibits, including the largest Tylosaurus ever found; a 45 foot long sea monster with a 6 foot skull.  You will also see both long-neck and short-neck plesiosaurs and the fossil remains of prehistoric sharks.  Both casts and original fossils are on display, including approximately 60 original fossil specimens.


Dinosaur Resource Center tour guides know their stuff too! You will not only get a highly entertaining and knowledgeable tour, but they will be able to answer a wide variety of questions.  Make sure you end your visit with a stop at our gift shop - Prehistoric Paradise, with the largest collection of dinosaur-related merchandise in all of Colorado:  books, jewelry, wine glasses and chess sets made from fossils, globes embedded with stones from around the world, videos, and especially  dino themed toys and clothes.


For more information about the Dinosaur Resource Center, go to www.rmdrc.com  and like us on the Dinosaur Resource Center Facebook page.


Dinosaur Resource Center, 201 S. Fairview St., Woodland Park, CO 719-686-1820

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.  Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Admission: Seniors (65+) – $10.50, Adults – $11.50, Children (5-12) – $7.50, Children 4 and under – free.

Military discount of $1 with current military ID.


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19 Apr 2017

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer