Come to Cripple Creek, and you may see a herd of donkeys freely roaming the streets. During the Gold Rush, miners would use donkeys to assist with mining and hauling tasks.

Sometimes donkeys were released into the wild when miners had to leave and could not take their donkeys with them. The present day herd is believed to be mostly made up of direct descendents of the donkeys that were used in the early years. The herd freely roams the area and can often be seen in Cripple Creek and Victor. Today, the herd serves as the inspiration for the famous Donkey Derby Days event, going on its 83rd annual year of historic fun and festivities for the whole family. The Two Mile High Club (a local, not-for-profit organization) coordinates the Donkey Derby Days event, and proceeds from the event are used by the club to provide feed and veterinarian service for the herd. For more information  on  Donkey  Derby  Days  or  the  resident  donkey  herd,  visit our website at

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10 Sep 2017

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer