Featured Brewery: Manitou Brewing Company - Dominic Koh, Co-Founder & Head Brewer

Dominic Koh loves beer.  There is no style that he doesn't enjoy drinking or brewing.  "The biggest thing I love about beer is that there is a style for every occasion or mood one may be in.  Beer can be strong, sessionable, refresthing, filling, dry, sweet, or sour.  There truly is a style of beer for whatever mood one may be in."

Both the culinary art of combining flavors and the science of brewing is what Dominic Koh love about brewing.  "I get to geek out on the chemistry and microbiology aspects of brewing while creating something that is hopefully as tasty as possible.  What's not to love about brewing?"

Manitou Brewing Company 

725 Manitou Ave.

Manitou Springs, CO

(719) 282-7709

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27 Oct 2017

By James Jackman