Hiking and Mountain Biking Around Cripple Creek

Hikers and mountain bikers discover a treasure when they check out Cripple Creek.  The famous Gold Camp Trail winds through Poverty Gulch, passing historic mining structures and fields of aspens as hikers make their way up or down the mountain.  The Gold Camp Trail is a part of other trail systems, such as the America the Beautiful Trail which runs from Peyton, Colorado to Cripple Creek,  Colorado and the national American Discovery Trail, which starts in California and ends in Delaware!  Check out our beautiful trail-rich area!

The Gold Camp Trail is just one of many trails in the area.  The Battle Mountain Trail, designated as a Millennium Trail in 2000, offers beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as waell as Stratton's Independence Mine, the Battle Mountain Mine, the Portland Mine, the Ajax Mine and the Strong mine.  Don't miss the Vindicator Valley Trail, which feautres the historic location of the Town of Independence.  This 2-mile loop can be accessed by the Golden Circle Trail, adding 1.25 miles that is easily walked by hikers of all ages.

For those who are interested in seeing mining operations of old up close, the Independence Mill Site Trail Tours through several mining areas that feature remains of foundations from the gold recovery operations.  Additionally, the Little Grouse Mountain Trail showcases historic mining equipment with brochures on-site explaining the displays.

A trek in the Gold Camp would not be complete without a visit to the Amercan Eagles Overlook.  Extraordinary views include the Collegiate and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Continental Divide, Cripple Creek and Victor, and even a view of the caldera of the extinct volcano where the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company is extracting gold ore today.

For more information, the helpful staff at the Cripple Creek Heriitage Center are equipped with maps to help plan your hike. 

Experience the Incredible Back-Side of Pikes Peak, visit Cripple Creek today!

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25 May 2017

By James Jackman