Overdrive Raceway - "The Customer Always Comes First."

At Jim Mundle's 68,000 square-foot, two story indoor go-kart facility in Colorado Springs, the customer always comes first!

Customer service "is a lost art in this country," according to Jim Mundle, who cut his teet in marketing and customer service while working for Disney.  "The customer needs to be taken care of from the time they walk in the door until they leave."  Mundle's philosophy on customer service takes on a new meaning when he talks about accommodating people of different abilities.  With four ADA hand-controlled karts on site, people who would otherwise be unable to partake in the fun can now join in with everyone else.  "They don't just participate," he says, "they can compete at the same level as their friends.  This is a big deal to people who are used to wathcing from the sidelines.  They're the same as everyone else out her on the track."

A double-amputee himself, Mundle's own situation made him reflect a lot on the quality of life of our wounded warriors and their families.  He wanted to make a family-friendly place where everyone from all walks of life could come together.  "There isn't enough all-inclusive family entertainment out there.  This is something different from movies and mini golf - it's a thrilling, safe experience that everyone can enjoy."

Aside from Arrive and Drive Racing - where customers can drop in at any time and race without an appointment - Overdrive Raceway is also a top spot for Birthday Parties and Company Events.  With competitively priced per-person packages, a conference room, and great view of Pikes Peak from the fully-stocked Overdrive Sports Bar, the facility offers a truly unique experience.

Recently, Overdrive Raceway added new three-speed Turbo Shifter Karts to their lineup.  These high-speed karts provide racers the ability to use a power boost for a few seconds to add an additional element of excitement and fun to the racing.  But it's not just the super-fast karts and adrenaline rushes that keep people coming back to this staple of Colorado Springs indoor entertainment; the staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide the best experience possible.

"I am picky about who I hire.  We want high-energy, motivated people here who enjoy serving the customer.  Here, it's not just about the racing.  We want to provide a complete experience from beginning to end, and our team is the key to that."


Overdrive Raceway is located at 196 Spectrum Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

(719) 419-8761



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27 Oct 2017

By James Jackman