Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Still standing tall, the Royal Gorge Bridge sits 956 feet above the Arkansas River and is home to spectacular views and thrill-seeking attractions providing family fun. Built in 1929, the park has entertained over 26 million guests and ranks as one of the premier attractions in the state. Generation upon generation have returned with their families to create special memories at this natural Colorado attraction.

Built in less than 7 months with a $350,000 price tag and a small army of 80 men, The Royal Gorge Bridge opened December 8, 1929. It was the world’s highest suspension bridge, and held that title for over 7 decades.

The wood-planked deck runs 1,250 feet long with 1,292 planks, and 2,600 No. 9 galvanized steel wires in each 300-ton cable that suspends the bridge.

Nearly 85 years later, June 11, 2013, the Royal Gorge Fire swept through 3,000 acres of the Royal Gorge destroying 90 percent of the park, 48 out of 52 attractions or buildings were gone. The Bridge miraculously survived the fire with minor damage, only 100 boards needed to be replaced on the south side of the bridge. This is truly a testimony to the men who built it.

Today, the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park provides brand new adventures with a new visitor center styled for spectacular views with a natural park theme. Fun, food, and shopping has always been our motto!

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29 Sep 2017

By James Jackman