The Broadmoor Seven Falls

Seven Falls, the Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado, reopened in August 2015 better than ever! The five-star Broadmoor Hotel purchased the property, which has delighted visitors to the Colorado Springs area for more than a century, after floooding in 2013 nearly destroyed the historic landmark. The spectacular canyon with its towering spires and sheer walls of granite ws undamaged; however, much time and expense has been dedicated to clearing debris and restoring the picturesque stream, which meanders and cascades through the canyon. Additionally, a hiking trail has been built to enable visitors to enjoy this unique Colorado scenic beauty by foot. The towering box canyon at the base of the Falls is now complemented by a majestic new restaurant named 1858. The moniker was chosen after the year when the Colorado Gold Rush began and which gave rise to the motto "Pike's Peak or Bust." This elegant new building features a Western-themed dining experience with seasonal outdoor tables and an open-aired bar arena. While the scenic canyon and the views of the Fall are as beautiful as ever, visitors will now have an option of a new soaring experience through the canopy of trees in the pristine Rocky Mountain property that surrounds Cheyenne Canyon. Come see for yourself the beauty of South Cheyenne Canyon and Seven Falls!

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21 Nov 2017

By James Jackman